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People like to review on flashes in which the author responds.Nor do I.People give less scores in this one due to the sequel but I don't give scores by comparing.I didn't like this as much as the sequel because I played it before this.But no problem.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Makes me glad I respond to reviews then. :)


That was funny and I liked it when Recycle Bin became the survivor and he was jumping in joy!I suggest you to add a play button because some people(me included) would have to refresh it if it plays so suddenly.The concept,graphics,animation and sound effects were great

Awesome!!It was like a real movie!

The animation was the best in this movie.Now I know why this is having a top score.The graphics were the second best.I suggest you to give voices for those characters if possible(squeaky ones).But it didn't have any problem without voice either.This wouldn't be so interesting if it were humans instead of squirrels and I strongly disagree with superSuperKLc.You must've undergone alot of difficulties in making this flash.Anyway,his review'll be deleted sooner or later.I also liked the ng tank in this.

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To make a long story short, this series is the Harry Potter of Newgrounds. Jonbro, you're the Rowling of NG. Look at all those fans. How emotionally attached they are to this game. In my opinion, Phil and the world of people with only eyes(Smiley excluded) should be made a sensation. It should never come to an end.

The Riddle series would look great if continued as a comic. Phil would always be a hero for nothingers like me. It really shows how people love simple characters for role models rather than grand heroes.

PS: Please let this continue as a comic strip. I swear everyone would love it!


It was good owing to the fact that this is a game.
-1/4 for the music
-1/4 for the simpleness
-1/4 for the aimlessness
-1/4 for the shortness

It really is a game of a difference

Although I didnt play this game fully.I did understand difference of this game from the other games.Especially the two cursor idea which I really appreciate

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Riddle school was a legend. This music that fills the main menu with all its elastic stretching options. This occupies a part of my world.

Ahhhh....Good ol riddle school. This music has Phil and the whole of riddle school in it. Would seem as an ordinary music for anyone who hasn't played riddle school. Feels strange to be on newgrounds in 2018....


Whoa!that was like windows 7(more enjoyable)!

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